PD Research Studies


Check this link for the National Institutes of Health's current research studies across the country. 

These are some of the research studies that are looking for volunteers from the PD Community.  

1)   The Parkinson Alliance, a national non-profit, is requesting that all individuals with PD, including individuals with and without Dyskinesia to complete their survey on Dyskinesia and Off States in Parkinson's Disease. Click here if you wish to participate. PLEASE NOTE, the data collection for this report will conclude on June 1, 2019

2)  Dr. Mark LeDoux, MD, PhD, and Dr. Ellen Fleetwood are recruiting for a new study, Nilo PD, supported in part by the Michael J. Fox Foundation which is providing a drug to treat and slow the progression of PD. If you think you may want to participate in this study, contact Dr. LeDoux, or Dr. Thompson, at 901-448-7375, to determine if you are eligible to participate.

3)  SURE-PD3 trial is now recruiting and includes sites in Memphis and Nashville.  This is a Phase 3 trial studying whether oral inosine can slow PD progression.  The Phase 2 results were very promising and this Phase 3 trial will involve over 60 sites and approximately 270 participants. Click on this link to go to the Tennessee PD Resources website. The website has a presentation explaining the trial and contact information for the two sites in Tennessee.