PD Research Studies


These following research studies that are looking for volunteers from the PD Community.  The first study is a questionnaire you can complete online.

1)   The Parkinson Alliance, a national non-profit,  has a website for Deep Brain Stimulation education, www.DBS4PD.org. In their commitment to improve the quality of life of people who have Parkinson’s Disease(with or without DBS) and their carers they support Research Projects that address the issues of Parkinson’s Disease. Their current project is “Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease” and involves completing a patient questionnaire. The objective of this study is to understand the perspective of individuals with Parkinson’s pertaining to exercise. This study is open to anyone with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease with or without DBS. To participate you can go to the website www.DBS4PD.org or call toll-free 800-579-8440 to request the Questionnaire

2)   The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and The University of Memphis are currently recruiting PD patients for a study examining if combined voice therapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is more effective and efficient than voice therapy alone.  This study is funded by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and you will receive compensation for your participation.  You cannot participate if you have had DBS surgery or have a pacemaker.  Shalina Narayana, PhD at UTHSC and Michael Cannito, PhD at U of M presented this trial at the PD  Symposium in June.  For more information please email Shalina at snaraya2@uthsc.edu or call 901.287.4616

3)  Dr. Mark LeDoux, MD, PhD, and Dr. Ellen Fleetwood are recruiting for a new study, Nilo PD, supported in part by the Michael J. Fox Foundation which is providing a drug to treat and slow the progression of PD. If you think you may want to participate in this study, contact Dr. LeDoux, or Dr. Thompson, at 901-448-7375, to determine if you are eligible to participate.

4)  SURE-PD3 trial is now recruiting and includes sites in Memphis and Nashville.  This is a Phase 3 trial studying whether oral inosine can slow PD progression.  The Phase 2 results were very promising and this Phase 3 trial will involve over 60 sites and approximately 270 participants. Click on this link to go to the Tennessee PD Resources website. The website has a presentation explaining the trial and contact information for the two sites in Tennessee.